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Women of Valor Tea light Holders
Happy Kangaroo's founder and owner, Rhonda, fell in love with these tea light holders which honor strong and virtuous women in the Bible. The Hebrew words of the poem which are sung Friday night wrap around the candles, cradling them...
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Knot Studio
Neta Tesler, creator of Knot Studio inspired by the nautical world, melds beautiful marine art with functional design to create floor cushions, benches, stools and pillows utilizing a unique tying technique. The results are a perfect balance between beauty, form,...
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Lily Juliet
Crafted on the tropical island of Cebu near the Philippines, the creations of Joel Levin, architect and founder of Lily Juliet are a favorite at Happy Kangaroo.  Joel's luminous colorful resin designs are handmade by gifted craftspeople that he respects...
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